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Minimum 10 business users required for being a reseller

self hosted

Reseller Admin Account

Drive24 Provide Reseller admin account for every reseller. Admin can manage users, user groups, view all files, and create team folders, maintain shared folders and more.

Some highlighted features:

  • Admin can view and edit group policy
  • They are allow to edit branding setting
  • Allow creating guest user
  • Show Data-At-Rest Encryption
  • User License Count



White Labeling and Customization

Drive24 can be completely re-branded, from web portal to Windows client, Mac client to mobile clients.

  • Use the management console to rebrand the web interfaces, desktop clients, and mobile clients with your own logos and images at no additional cost.
  • Per-tenant URL and branding is also supported

active directoryNative Active Directory and NTFS Integration

Drive24 is a Windows-based solution takes full advantage of native Active Directory and NTFS Permission.

  • Native Active Directory Integration.
  • Native NTFS Permission Control.
  • What you see on the Windows Server for Active Directory permission is what you get in Drive24.



Multi-Tenant Secure Deployment

  • Each tenant is a private management scope with its own storage and identity management
  • Tenant administrators provide a password, which is used to create a private key. Data is encrypted at each endpoint before it is transmitted to cloud storage
  • Data is transmitted over secure SSL connections

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