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Drive Mapping

Drive24 Cloud works like share drive. You can see that mapped drive and move your files easily. Local applications have seamless access to files in Drive 24 cloud storage. For instance, you can edit Word/Excel/PowerPoint files and then click “File”, “Save As” to store it in the Drive24 cloud.

drive mapping

Access from any device

Drive24 provides you to access your files from any device. It supports Mac, Windows and Linux OS Drive24 provides mobile applications for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android Phones and Android Tablets. Users can open and edit cloud files using any mobile application. Save files and upload them back to your cloud storage. Share uploaded files.

Share files

In Drive24, You can create public or private shares to securely exchange files with other users. You can send large files and conduct secure file transfers.

Share files will automatically expire after a certain time. You can share the files via permission-based. Like user can read and write as per your permission.

Team Folder

Team folder only available in Business and Custom plan

Drive24 Team Folder gives you the freedom to share anything. No limits. You can share big files with one click. Team Folder can share between two or more users.

Drive24 Team Folder will not use your personal space. Team folder utilizes their own disk space so you can easily manage your personal and work files without worrying about disk quota.

Access Offline

If Files and folders are marked for offline, access so they can be used when there is no data connection available. Drive24 generally caches data for fast access, but offline files and folders will not be removed from the cache.



Drive24 users receive an email notification. If user changes to folders shared with them, including file uploads or edits. Users can review all changes to each folder or a file over a period. This will work when the same folder shares with two or more users.

Folder Attachment/Backup

Users can attach their PC’s/Laptop’s folders with their Drive24 cloud storage. Users can access those folders from anywhere and it is a 2-way synchronization. In case of HDD failure etc. You always have your important files/folders backup in Drive24 cloud storage.

Folder Attachment


Drive24 Standard plan gives you 30 days and Business plan give you 60 days versioning. Drive24 records file changes so users can revert to earlier versions.


Recycle Bin

Drive24 Standard plans give you 60 and Business plan give you 120 days retention policy. It means you can recover any file that you delete accidentally. Users can quickly and effectively recover deleted files and folders from the Recycle Bin.

Recycle Bin

NTFS Permissions

Drive24 migrates existing Microsoft NTFS permissions on network folders to control user access. There is no need to recreate access privileges.




Drive24 uses industry best practices, tools and strong encryption techniques to securely store and transmit data.

Before transmission through a secure SSL connection, data is encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption. Encryption keys are private for each enterprise, even in a multi-tenant deployment. Drive24 provides an additional layer of login security using security codes sent via existing channels.


Document Preview

Drive24 allows users to view common file formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF and .txt files, inside a web browser.


Ultra High Speed Access

Drive24 caches file locally to provide high-speed access to remote files.


Native Applications Integration

Drive24’s mapped drives allow users to edit remote files directly using native applications like MS Office Documents.


Outlook Plugin

The Drive24 Outlook Plugin allows large attachments to be sent. Users can share files and folders directly from Outlook.


File Format

Drive24 has no file size limitations so you can send large videos, pictures, and documents.


File Locking

Files can be locked automatically or by users to prevent other users from making concurrent edits. Prevents unexpected overwrites and data corruption during real-time collaboration.

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