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Local Folders Attachment


The virtual drive provides on-demand access to files and folders from the Drive24 Cloud storage account.

Sometimes it is also desirable to work inside a local folder, and have the local folder synchronize with the Drive24 Cloud storage account. You can right click on a local folder (1) and select “Attach this Folder to Drive24” (2). The pop-up (3) shows you where this folder is located on your system and allows you to change the name of the folder if you don’t want to use the default.

Local Folders Attachment 1

Local Folders Attachment 2

Advantages of Attached folders:

  • They will be synchronized with the cloud.
  • Their contents immediately become accessible even before the sync is completed.
  • They can maintain a versioned backup of their contents.
  • Their content is available locally when offline.
  • They can be used in the same ways as any local folder.

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