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First login to Drive24 web portal and click the user icon (1) in the upper right corner. Then click the customer download button (2) and download the respective customer installer package.

NOTE: It is very essential that you sign in to Drive24 as a user before downloading the Windows or Mac customer. This gives you access to client installation packages that are already tied to your Drive24 account, which makes installation and accessing Drive24 easy.


Once you click the download button you will see a page of options including Windows Desktop Client (1), Mac OS X Client (2) or Mobile client (3) and download the associated package.


Make sure that you choose the appropriate download for your operating system (eg, Windows 64-bit, Windows 32-bit). Run the downloaded MSI package (1) to start the installation. Then click “Next” (2) and follow the instructions to finish. In the Setup Windows Client screen, you can customize the installation if necessary.




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