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Uses of automatic and manual lock

When files are automatic locked, similar files need to be automatically unlocked. When files are automatically locked, the agent that locks the file needs to keep up health heart beat with the central Drive24 server. At the point when the heart beat can’t be kept up, the file will be automatically unlocked.

If you want the file to stay locked regardless what situation the agent machine is in, manual lock is recommended. A manually locked file will need to be manually unlocked.

Files can be manually locked. Right-click on any file (1) in the Drive24 drive and then select “check out (Lock) This File” (2) to toggle between its locked and unlocked state. Then click yes in the pop-up (3).

Files Locked1

Files Locked2

The context menu will give the choice to lock the file. It will remain locked until you ‘Unlock’ it. When you are done with the file, you can unlock it by right-clicking it and picking Check In from the context menu.

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