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Context Menu for Files


This is to share out the file with anyone by email. At the same time multiple emails can be added by separating them with a “;”.

Get Share Link (Read Only): <filename>

This is to get a read-only web link to the file. You can share a file as a public (Read Only) link by using this option. This file can be accessed with the link by anyone. Click this option to copy the public link to your clipboard. Once you click “Ok”, you can paste that link anywhere (e.g., email, social media).

Manage Revisions

This option will open a web browser where you get access to the Web Portal version manager for the file.

Check Out (Lock) <filename>

This option is to manually check out file. All changes to the file will remain local until it is Checked In.

Force refresh

Click this to synchronize the web portal with your local folder.

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