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Enable Inplace Open Zip Files

False (default) – By default, Windows Client doesn’t allow a user to open zip files in mounted M drive directly. This is because opening a zip file means to download the whole zip file to cache first. When the zip file is big, the download will generate high network traffic and cause windows explorer to slow down. Change this to True if you want users to be able to open Zip files within the M drive. The next setting determines the size limit of this feature.

Max Size of Zip File Allowed to Open Inplace (MB)

20 (default) – This defines the size limit for the zip file the user is allowed to open. It is designed to prevent user/windows explorer from downloading very large zip files. By default, it is 20M. When admin enables inplace zip file opening, only files within 20M can be opened.

Always Allow Picture previews

False (default) – If this is turned on preview thumbnails will be generated for your local files. This consumes a lot of bandwidth for unnecessary downloading of image files.

Enable Slow Network Mode

False (default) – No further information.

Ignore Settings in Group Policy

False (default) – By default, the settings in Group Policy overrides the local settings. Change this to True if you wish to override the Group Policy setting.

When Task is running Keep Machine from Sleeping

True (default) – Nighttime is typically a good time to transfer files at full speed. However, the machine may go into a sleeping state, preventing the transfer of files. This setting can prevent the sleep mode from activating.

Mount Drive in Global Space

False (default) – No further information.

Purge File Sys DB Upon Start

False (default) – If you change this setting to True, upon startup the client will purge the cached cloud storage state file. This allows the client to rebuild the database as if it is being started for the first time.

Upload Hidden Files

False (default) – Change this setting to True if you want to upload Hidden Files to the cloud.

Upload System Files

False (default) – Change this setting to True if you want to upload System Files to the cloud.

Use Volume Shadow Copy to Upload Files being Opened

False (default) – By default an actively opened file will not be uploaded until it has been closed. This setting can override that behavior, uploading all of the files regardless of their open status.

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